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Those who are filled with and led by the spirit will faithfully do God’s will as the spirit leads them into all truth.
To discover the word of God by standing on the Truth and walking by Faith.
Equipping the class to grow, know and show.
Allowing everyone to grow, teach, understand, and to help with wise counsel.  
Allowing the Love of God to repair the hardship of the misunderstanding of hurt, fear,  and rejections from the Church.
Display God's love for people, understanding the cause of sin, and lead the people out of sin.
Finding out how to delight in the Word of God.
Learning to meditate on the Word of God day and night.
Becoming like Christ and bearing fruit (LOVE) love, Love, LOVE, LOVE.

Psalms 1 1-5 Teaching others to be Blessed.

The vision of the Rock Church Sunday School is to see a Body of Believers read the Word of God to become one with the Word of God. Equipping the people of God to become stewards of the Word of God. Equipping the student to go out and be able to speak the Word of God and lead someone to Christ.  Also to bring the Word alive to each student in a way that kindles a fire in their bones.  Fire that heals families, changes neighborhoods, builds communities and changes the world.
A good steward must be faithful, knowledgeable and trustworthy.
Keeping accurate accounts.
Spending time wisely prioritize.
Handle money and investments responsibly.
Becoming an upright example; learning to teach each other to the Word of God and walk in wisdom
To see students come alive in Christ.
To bring meaning, understanding and word pictures that explain the Power of God
Teach to stand on the Word of God
Become like Christ in both Spirit and in Truth
Spread the Word of God by instruction to equip the people around you starting from today (every day is a new day) renewing Faith in a God they can’t see to a God they can't do without
Dealing with real problems and giving solutions from the Word of God.
The Sunday School Ministry is led by Minister Jerry Lowery whose journey of faith started in Baptist Faith of God then led him to Pentecostalism. His learning in Pentecostal faith was characterized by: emotional, lively expressions of worship by the manifestation of the Holy Spirit being active and alive (Acts 2:4). This anointed faith in God included the spiritual gift of benefit in signs and wonders such as: the message of wisdom, the message of knowledge, faith, gifts of healing, miraculous powers, discerning spirits and interpretation of tongues.(Psalm103:1-2).

In 2004, Jerry Lowery joined Rock Church Tabernacle. At "this House" of God is where he began to spiritually exercise and flourish "charismatically" in God's Word and received Holy mediation through Christ Jesus to counsel others in spiritual guidance and become profound and grounded in direction to his own spiritual destiny. (Psalm 119:37 & 50). As a Sunday School teacher and Superintendent, Minister Lowery exercises a passion for boundless enthusiasm, love for students by dedication commitment of organization and lesson preparation using the Holy Scriptures of Church approved curriculum materials. (Hebrews 5:12-14)Sunday School is every Sunday at 9:30 AM
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